Auto Liability Insurance 


A California auto insurance policy has several classifications or coverage.  One of them is the auto insurance liability coverage.  A car owner who has a liability insurance policy must know the extent and scope of this kind of auto insurance policy.  Depending on the restrictions placed on your auto insurance policy.  The auto liability coverage will generally extend even to your family members in your residence.  This means that as long as they have permission your spouse, children or any other family member are covered by the auto liability insurance in case any of them meets an accident while driving the car.


Now suppose a friend borrows your car and unfortunately meets an accident, is the car still covered by your auto liability insurance policy?  Now in this situation it will depend on the scope and restrictions placed on your auto insurance policy.  There are a number of situations where your auto insurance policy will not cover just about anybody driving your car.  Auto liability insurance with restrictive policies or named owner policy only is an example of this situation.  Normally though, as long that it has been clearly established that your friend or associate has your express permission to borrow the vehicle, he or she will be included in your auto liability insurance coverage.


An auto insurance policy with liability coverage will cover the hospital bills and damages up to the amount specified in your auto insurance coverage.  The minimum amount coverage for bodily injury is $10,000 for a single person’s bodily injury or death up to a maximum $20,000 for the whole injuries or death that may occur in the accident.  An additional $3,000 will cover the repair or compensation for any property that was damaged during the accident.  It is however better to avail of an auto insurance policy that is higher than the minimum.